About Frog Tight Replacement Aerator Screens

Designed by a plumber for plumbers

aerator needing servicedOne of the most common issues both homeowners and plumbers in rural areas face is maintenance of home water treatment systems. With a proper maintenance routine, water treatment systems are designed to last the homeowner for years. However, the screens in the aerator of water treatment systems are not.

The ventilation screens at the top of an aerator are usually held in place by caulking. Over time of being exposed to the elements, the caulking holding these screens will come loose and the screen will fall out. The elements aerators are exposed to may also cause these screens to rot. Without these screens in place, your aerator is left open and exposed. The dark, moist, almost tropical environment inside the aerator is very inviting to insects, snakes, and especially frogs. Once your aerator becomes home to frogs and the like, your aerator will start not working properly and may break down.

frog inside an aeratorReplacing broken or missing aerator screens is a complicated process. First, the top of the aerator must be removed to clean both the top and the inside of the aerator. Next, the broken screens must be completely removed, as well as any caulking holding them in place. New screens must now be measured, cut, and caulked in place and time must be provided for the caulking to dry. The entire process for replacing aerator screens could take hours, until now…

Frog Tight Replacement Aerator Screens greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to replace broken or damaged aerator screens. Once the top of the aerator has been removed and cleaned, Frog Tight Replacement Aerator Screens simply snap into place! No more measuring, cutting, and caulking of the replacement screens and no more caulking.

Frog Tight Replacement Aerator Screens come in three standard sizes: 2 5/16″, 2 1/2″, and 3″. Each size is color coded for easy recognition.


Frog Tight Replacement Aerator Screens

Change your aerator screens in MINUTES instead of HOURS